About Us

Welcome to Vieux Riche, the quintessence of enduring fashion, rooted in the timeless luxury of old money style. As an Australian brand, we pride ourselves on local craftsmanship, with every piece meticulously embroidered right here in Australia. Our mission is simple: to deliver unparalleled quality and timeless elegance in each garment.

Vieux Riche Court Couture Jumper in white, paired with gray pants, showcasing a stylish and comfortable look.

Born from a vision to blend classic style with the modern wardrobe, Vieux Riche stands as a beacon of heritage and reliability. We believe in fashion that transcends fleeting trends, crafting legacy pieces designed to speak to generations. Join the narrative of refined simplicity and embrace the elegance that is Vieux Riche, and wear not just attire, but a legacy of timeless grace.