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Old Money Hairstyles: Timeless Elegance Meets Modern Chic

In the fabled universe of old money fashion, the language of style goes beyond just the elaborate patterns and fabrics. It's an intricate weave of personal statements, from the cut of your jacket down to the allure of your coiffure. Here is an exploration of old money hairstyle—more intimate, more expressive elements of the timeless old money aesthetic.

An Ode to Old Money Hairstyles

At the crossroads of subtlety, sophistication, and stately splendour, reside the elegant old money hairstyles. They're more than just a way to manage tresses, they're a window into an age-old culture soaked in the embodiment of enduring elegance—an enduring symbol of the old money aesthetic that whispers tales of classic opulence and modern splendour.

"A reflection of intrinsic class and timeless charm, old money hairstyles are less about opulence and more about being regal."

Whether you're a lady in pursuit of an elegant 'old money hairstyle' or a gentleman seeking a characteristically 'old money haircut,' there are myriad styles to choose from. Feel the winds of grace with a stylish loosely tied bun or epiphanize suaveness with a classic sharp side-part.

Man with a slicked-back old money hairstyle, Ralph Lauren campaign.


The 1920s – An Era That Shaped More Than Just Attires

The Roaring Twenties was a period that shaped beauty norms and changed societal trends significantly, leaving behind those indelible marks on fashion including old money hairstyles. The aftershocks of iconic hair trends that began during the era of jazz, flappers, and Prohibition seep into the heart of modern old money hairstyles.

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In this period, women, in their bobbed hairs and fancy drops, danced their way into a future where the classic 'bob cut' paired with a headband would be seen as a symbol of empowerment, much like Coco Chanel's famous quote:

"A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life."
Woman from the 1920s with a short bob haircut and a decorative headband, from 'The Great Gatsby'.

On a parallel front, 1920s men, in their neatly parted, slick hair, exuded an aura of freedom coupled with the comfortable confinement of elegance. These 'old money hairstyles male', with their proficiency of precision and neat partings, exuded an air of offhand allure that oozed confidence and authority.

1920s gentleman with slicked-back hair and a distinct parting, from 'The Great Gatsby'.


Seasonal Shifts in Old Money Hairstyles

Just as old money outfits radiate charm in synchronization with the seasons, alike are the shifts in hairstyles. In the picnics of summer, old money hairstyles for women lean towards relaxed braids and flower adornments, while men sport short, spruced up cuts fit for a yacht party. As the leaves fall, so does the hair, down to sophisticated updos for women and slightly longer, textured cuts for men, providing the warmth in the cold winter.

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The Grandeur of Embodying Old Money Aesthetic in Hairstyles

An aesthetic journey into old money fashion is not restricted to your wardrobe. It extends to the way you wear your hair - a testament to the unabashed old money charm. These classic hairstyles complete the illusion of being transported back to a time of opulent garden parties and ancestral chateaus.

For women, the quintessential 'old money haircut female' style boasts of polished waves, smooth chignons, and low buns. These hairstyles exude not just sophistication but also provide the versatility of being transferrable from a morning at the races to a soiree under the stars.

Elegant old money woman with her hair neatly tied in a low bun at the nape of her neck.
"When your hair does the talking, it's not purely for aesthetics, but for an affirmation of feeling your best."

For the gentlemen amongst us, the 'old money hairstyle men' style is structured and well-kept. From snazzy side parts to slicked-back classics, these hair styles speak of polish and finesse.

Man showcasing a refined old money hairstyle with slicked-back hair and a sharp side part.


The Dichotomy of New Vs Old Money Aesthetic

The discourse on hairstyles often sways the pendulum between the new and old money aesthetic. The essence of new money hairstyles might flirt with the changing tides of fashion, but the charm of old money hairstyles lies in their unchanging timeless elegance.

Women who embrace the old money haircuts female tradition often find themselves in the loving embrace of styles that withstand the test of time—embracing the poise of Audrey Hepburn's pixie cut or the glamor of Grace Kelly's chignon.

Classic portrait of Grace Kelly, her hair gracefully styled into a sophisticated chignon.

For the male connoisseurs of style, old money mens hairstyles gravitate towards the classics. Think Cary Grant's suave side part or Gregory Peck's uniformly slicked-back charm.

A Discerning Eye for Hair Care: The Old Money Way

The philosophy of prudent shopping with the old money mindset trickles into every aspect of the lifestyle—haircare is no exception. Invest not just in style quotient but in products that truly care for your hair, pampering it as well as making it look its best.

Impeccable Brands for Impeccable Hair

Nurturing the allure of old money hairstyles calls for using hair care essentials from brands revered for their commitment to quality. These brands not only help style your hair but also nourish, protect, and keep it looking its best.

For ladies, Kérastase, Oribe, and Bumble and bumble present arrays of products that suit different hair types and needs.

Gentlemen can maintain their sleek old money hairstyles with high-performing options from brands like American Crew, Baxter of California, and Aesop.

Man sitting on a beach, dressed in an elegant cream knitted high-neck sweater and brown corduroy pants.


The Quintessential Allure: Iconic Old Money Styles

In the realm of iconic old money styles, certain hairstyles have left an everlasting imprint. For ladies, timeless waves, the elegant chignon, and the classic bob—each carries an aura of old world charm. For gentlemen, the slicked-back hair, the demure side part, and the neat crew cut are representative of the quintessential old money aesthetic.

Woman with timeless old money waves in her hair, wearing a hairclip.
"A compelling hairstyle communicates volumes. Make sure it speaks eloquently of your style."

A Testament to Tradition: Old Money Names and Hairstyles

As with names that reverberate the enduring tradition of old money, there are old money hairstyles that form an integral part of this cultural heritage. These hairstyles, carried down through generations, continue to resonate with the cultural rhythm of old money fashion.

Old money woman with a classic bob cut framing her face.



Old money hairstyles amplify more than just one's aesthetic appeal. They reflect a lifestyle, a time-honoured tradition, and a distinct aesthetic that vaunts ageless elegance and understated sophistication. Regardless of gender, these styles unlock the portal to fully bask in the majesty of old money aesthetics.

In essence, your hairstyle is a tangible portrayal of your personality. Be sure to wear it

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