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Iconic Old Money Styles: From Sophia Richie's Wedding to Princess Diana's Timeless Fashion

In the vast world of fashion, the embodiment of quiet luxury, understated elegance, and timeless quality are often found in the Old Money Aesthetic. This aesthetic, famously linked to families and individuals with long-standing wealth, is much more than just a fashion statement. It is, in fact, a lifestyle, a way of being, that speaks to an unspoken etiquette and a deeply ingrained sense of class.

Before we delve into the intricate world of iconic old money styles, here's a snapshot of what you can expect in this article:

  • Dive into the old money aesthetic with an exploration of iconic figures, from Sophia Richie's wedding elegance to the enduring style of Princess Diana.
  • Understand the key principles of this fashion trend: quality, craftsmanship, and timeless excellence, that stand resistant to fleeting trends.
  • Discover how to capture this aesthetic in your wardrobe by investing in enduring designs and understanding the importance of quality over quantity.
  • Navigate the old money shopping experience, learning where to find timeless pieces that embody this classic sophistication.
  • Emphasise the role of versatile accessories and the understanding of seasonal shifts in achieving the old money aesthetic.
  • Pay tribute to fashion icons who epitomise this timeless style, learning from their approach to elevate your own fashion sense.
  • Embrace the legacy of old money fashion, which symbolises timeless elegance, refined taste, and an appreciation for quality and craftsmanship.

When it comes to elegance, sophistication, and classic fashion, there are few more iconic than the old money aesthetic. From Sophia Richie wedding to Princess Diana style, old money fashion has always been a cornerstone of the rich and elite. In this article, we explore the inspiration behind these iconic old money fashion figures and discuss how you can emulate their style in your everyday wardrobe.

At the heart of old money fashion is a strong emphasis on quality, craftsmanship, and timeless excellence. Embellishments and trends do not sway the old money aesthetic; instead, it remains rooted in a devotion to classic silhouettes and luxurious materials that never go out of style. So, where does one find inspiration from these iconic figures? Let's take a journey through the world of old money fashion.


The Everlasting Charm of Sophia Richie's Wedding Style

As we journey through the lineage of Old Money Fashion, we can't bypass the recent phenomena that have given this timeless aesthetic a renewed spotlight. Just consider the Sofia Richie wedding week that has sent a ripple effect through the fashion world. With her meticulous attention to detail, Sofia effortlessly merged contemporary fashion with old money elegance, prompting a resurgence of interest in the aesthetic. Each outfit she donned throughout the week was a testament to the classic old money style—think refined, elegant, and understated ensembles that exemplified the "less is more" mantra.

Sophia Richie, during her wedding week, donned in Chanel, standing against a coastal backdrop on a sunny day.

Her bridal wardrobe, from the understated rehearsal dinner dress to the exquisite wedding gown, beautifully encapsulated the core principles of old money fashion. Her stunning dress, designed by renowned fashion house Chanel, was a masterclass in timeless elegance, featuring a high neckline and a flowing train. The dress was a nod to the classic and traditional style often associated with old money fashion. To complete her wedding look, Sophia wore a matching lace veil and minimal but tasteful jewellery. This celebration of quality and sophistication over extravagance has inspired many to delve into old money fashion, cementing its position as a timeless trend in the ever-evolving fashion landscape.

Sophia Richie elegantly dressed in her wedding attire on the day of her nuptials.


Princess Diana's Timeless and Iconic Fashion

Moving on to another renowned figure in old-money fashion reigned - Princess Diana. The "People's Princess" was known for her humanitarian work, her engaging personality, and, of course, her quintessential style. She was a trendsetter, but her fashion choices were not just about looking good; they were often nuanced with messages that resonate with the Old Money Aesthetic. Princess Diana has been a style icon since her entry into the limelight. Her old money style is something that generations continue to admire and emulate.

Her effortless sophistication, along with her choice of timeless pieces and classic silhouettes, is what sets her apart as a lasting symbol of old money fashion. From her elegant evening gowns to her chic daywear, Princess Diana always exuded an air of grace and refinement. One of her most memorable outfits was a black off-shoulder velvet gown, worn during a visit to the White House in 1985. The dress, designed by Victor Edelstein, perfectly embodied her unique blend of grace and glamour.

"I don't go by the rule book... I lead from the heart, not the head." - Princess Diana
Princess Diana, the fashion icon, wearing her legendary black 'revenge' dress.

While Princess Diana was often seen in designer pieces, it was her combination of high-end with more accessible brands that made her a style icon. Diana's style evolution displayed a fascinating blend of tradition and modernity, much like the old money aesthetic itself. Her wardrobe seamlessly combined classic pieces with a contemporary twist, demonstrating her knack for making traditional fashion feel fresh and relevant. Princess Diana style was both personal and public. She understood that her outfits were more than just a personal choice - they were a form of communication, a way to connect with people. This is another essential aspect of the Old Money Aesthetic - the idea that clothes can send a message, tell a story, and contribute to one's identity.

Princess Diana stepping into a car dressed in her iconic sweatshirt and bike shorts ensemble.

Capturing the Essence of Old Money: Tips and Tricks

To truly capture the essence of old money, it is essential to have a deep understanding of the old money outfits that embody this timeless aesthetic. One crucial element to achieve this style is investing in quality pieces that will stand the test of time. Rather than succumbing to the fast fashion industry, opting for well-crafted clothes from reputable brands is an excellent way to uphold the old money standard.

Embracing the old money aesthetic goes deeper than just outward appearances, it's a lifestyle that values heritage, tradition, and understated elegance. From how we dress to how we entertain, every aspect of old money fashion should exude a sense of classic sophistication. Building a wardrobe that incorporates pieces from different periods is also essential. By mixing vintage with modern elements, you'll create a versatile and fashionable wardrobe that pays homage to the old money legacy.

Another key difference between new and old money aesthetics is the notion of investment. Old money families often choose to invest in luxurious materials and enduring designs that don't go out of fashion. By focusing on these timeless and classic styles, old money fashion becomes a symbol of everlasting elegance.


Navigating the Old Money Shopping Experience

To fully embrace and incorporate the old money aesthetic into your wardrobe, it's essential to know where to find these timeless pieces. Shopping for old money clothing might seem daunting, but with a little guidance, you can navigate through the vast world of old money fashion. Our old money shopping guide is a valuable resource for finding authentic, high-quality clothing and accessories that embody old money charm.

Begin by familiarising yourself with reputed brands that specialise in well-crafted, classically designed garments. Such brands are known for their exceptional tailoring and quality materials, aligned with the old money ethos. The quality old money fashion brands include names like Ralph Lauren, Chanel, Burberry, and Brooks Brothers, well-known for their long-standing reputation for quality and elegance.

Another shopping strategy is to frequent vintage and consignment shops in search of timeless, old-money-inspired pieces. These stores often carry luxurious items once worn by society's elite, allowing you to not only be sustainable in your fashion choices but also own a piece of history.

A woman dressed in an all-black suit during a vintage Ralph Lauren photoshoot, set within an old money-style residence.


The Power of Accessories and Versatility

No old money wardrobe is complete without an array of exquisite and carefully chosen accessories. As the saying goes, "The devil is in the details," and this is particularly true when it comes to achieving the old money aesthetic.

Time-honoured, classically designed jewellery pieces, such as pearl necklaces and diamond studs, are never out of place in old money fashion. A sleek leather purse or a vintage-style brooch can also add an extra touch of glamour to your ensemble. By having a selection of versatile accessories, you can easily transform any outfit, making it suitable for various occasions.

To further illustrate the importance of accessories and versatility, consider the iconic old money styles worn by the likes of Jackie Kennedy Onassis or Grace Kelly. These fashion icons seamlessly transitioned from daywear to evening wear with just a few adjustments, such as swapping pearls for diamonds or donning a fur stole for added elegance.

A portrait of Jackie Kennedy showcasing her old money style, attired in an orange dress complemented by pearls and white gloves.


The Seasonality of Old Money Aesthetics

A well-curated old money wardrobe should cater to all seasons and a variety of events. It goes beyond incorporating the occasional Chanel suit or Hermès scarf; it's about knowing how to adapt your outfits to suit the weather and occasion, while maintaining the elegance and sophistication synonymous with old money style.

To effortlessly achieve an old money style throughout the seasons, invest in versatile garments made from high-quality materials. For example, cashmere sweaters and tweed blazers are perfect for cooler months, while breezy linen dresses and silk blouses would suit warmer weather. By having a multitude of options in your wardrobe, you'll always be prepared to embrace the old money aesthetic, no matter the climate or event.

Adopting the old money aesthetic is not about flaunting one's wealth or impressing others. Instead, it's a testament to the enduring legacy of refined taste and sophistication. By embracing the iconic styles of Sophia Richie's wedding, Princess Diana, and other old money fashion figures, you imbue your wardrobe with a timeless elegance that transcends generations and trends.


Learning from the Icons: Emulating Old Money Style

To fully embrace the old money aesthetic, one must study and learn from the iconic figures who have effortlessly showcased this fashion style. In addition to Sophia Richie's wedding and Princess Diana, there are countless other individuals who have made a mark on old money fashion.

Consider the elegance and grace of Audrey Hepburn, whose simple and sophisticated outfits still inspire fashion enthusiasts today. Similarly, fashion icon Coco Chanel's ground-breaking designs and mantra of "less is more" have left their mark on the world of old money aesthetics. Emulating these icons will equip you with a profound understanding of the essence of old money fashion.

"Elegance is refusal." - Coco Chanel
Vintage Chanel runway shot featuring a model styled in a black blazer and skirt.


Embracing Sophistication: Unleashing Your Inner Old Money Fashionista

Old money fashion is not merely a trend or a fleeting style; it is a celebration of timeless elegance and refined taste. To unleash your inner old money fashionista, it's vital to embrace the values and principles that these fashion icons represent. Focus on quality, craftsmanship, and classic design to build a wardrobe that honours the legacy of old money fashion.

By incorporating versatile garments, fine accessories, and understanding the seasonality of old money aesthetics, you'll be able to create a sophisticated look that pays homage to the rich history and tradition of old money fashion.

So, take inspiration from the likes of Sophia Richie's wedding and Princess Diana's timeless style and embark on the journey of embracing the old money aesthetic. Let your fashion choices tell a story and carry on the legacy of elegance and sophistication that has transcended generations.



The old money aesthetic is a symbol of grace, elegance, and sophistication that transcends fleeting trends. By immersing yourself in the world of old money fashion, learning from its iconic figures, and carefully curating your wardrobe, you can achieve a timeless style that will endure the test of time.

From Sophia Richie's wedding to Princess Diana's captivating style, these icons have shown us the importance of quality, craftsmanship, and investment in our appearance and wardrobe. Embrace the old money fashion legacy and take your style to new heights, leaving an indelible mark on the world, just as they did.

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